Why Selling on Social Media is not Enough


There are over 3 billion people accessing the internet today. A vast majority of them are using social media to connect with friends, share trendy posts, follow up on catchy gossip, or find cool products to buy.


So, it would make so much sense to utilize such enormous data to showcase your products on social media in hope of a sale. What’s not to enjoy? Selling your stuff is as free as it can be until the likes of Facebook, Instagram & Twitter asks you to pay X amount to get Y number of people to discover your products.


But in today’s world, where people are more interested in trendy gossip, news flashes, fashion styles, than actually buying anything; depending on social media as your sole online marketing channel would be as risky as putting all your eggs in one basket. Only this time, you may have multiple social media baskets that may not secure your eggs the way you expect.


What does this mean for you? It’s simple – social media can’t be trusted to deliver the kind of consistent sales you need to scale your business. What you need is an online store.


Over time, I’ve had to convince a combination of friends and total strangers why they can’t bank on social media alone if they intend to get serious about their businesses. This is not because I was trying to sell my website design services, although it would come later in the conversation.


I discovered that people do not take enough time to take a thorough look at a product display on social media, whether on their Facebook feeds, tweets, or Instagram posts.


Anna Sonnenberg in The Lifespan of Social Media Content made the following observation about the longevity of a Facebook post;


“When you publish content on Facebook, you can typically expect it to last for five hours, during which time the average post receives about three-quarters of its total engagement. Impressions plateau in half that amount of time, as most posts receive 75 percent of their total impressions at the 2.5-hour mark. Note that Facebook algorithms can impact content lifespans substantially, and this figure represents how long content typically lasts in the platform’s non-chronological newsfeed.”


What Anna was explaining, in a nutshell, was that if you shared a Facebook post (a product display), it is as good as being discovered for 5 hours. The first 2 to 2.5 hours from the 5-hour lifespan is when your post gets 75% of your total impression (the total number of people who see that post), which is certainly most of its visibility. Your product display doesn’t get enough lifespan for users to make a buying decision.


This isn’t good for any business, is it? I don’t want such visibility, neither do you! I’m sure getting 24/7 visibility is what you crave? But that isn’t possible in a million years when you rely on social media as your only marketing channel. The only way to get all the visibility for yourself is when you set up your own online store. You take out the distractions and get users to focus only on one thing – your products. Isn’t that great?


Over 80% of responses I get from people I tried convincing to set up an online store believe it’s expensive to do so or they’re not prepared to move to that phase yet. I think these responses in their genuineness are 70-80% backed by fear. The fear of trying, the fear of failing, the fear of spending money on something that may not work, and the list of fear goes on.


While it’s okay to have doubts, what is not okay is to allow your fears to rob your business of the chance of scaling and reaching new customers. Setting up an online store for your business is a very sane and profitable investment if effectively managed. It can generate over 85% of your sales, not to talk about the authenticity it provides for your brand image. In today’s world, businesses with active websites are considered more authentic and trustworthy than the ones without.


How can you set up an online store for your business?


There are several ways to do this. You can either set it up yourself using CMS like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, OpenCart, and a host of others, or you can ask the service of a web designer or agency. Our design team at Megatrics would be happy to set this up for you. That’s basically what we do.
Setting up an online store by yourself would take months if you don’t have background knowledge in creating websites. I didn’t say ‘impossible, but months. My candid opinion would be to hire the services of a web design agency.


What to expect from an online store?


A highly functional online store would be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Your potential customers should be able to navigate the purchase process in the easiest way possible.


Secondly, your online store should have very neat, cut-down, and straight-to-the-point information such as necessary to guide your potential customers to make their user experience easy and educational.
Thirdly, you can decide if you would like to collect payments directly from your online store or payment upon delivery. Whatever works for you.


Lastly, for a serious-minded business owner, the best way to achieve all of these and more is to hire the services of a web designer or agency. Getting your store built by professionals guarantees that you would be getting more highly functional features that can enhance the effectiveness and productivity of your store, thereby skyrocketing your sales to the roof.


Don’t settle for social media to build a successful business, invest in an online store and see the difference in no time.

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