The Hack Of Living Your Life To The Fullest


Life is a series of moments.


Moments come and go. They’re as temporary as the wind but they can make a whole lot of impact on your life forever. The danger is getting trapped in an unpleasant moment that threatens your joy, sanity, peace, and above all – your life.


There’s nothing permanent in life, only temporary events, some of which can change your life for good or bad. At the end of the day, you’re the sole decision-maker of how you want your life to be. Some of us don’t have all the luxuries others enjoy for free, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have them, or to give our children what we couldn’t enjoy while growing up. We just have to understand that it’s possible.


The most important thing to consider about life is that life to each one of us takes the form of definition that we give to it. If you see life as a series of hot blows, you’re never going to stop licking your wounds. It is how you see and understand everything about life that shapes your definition of it, these, in turn, influence your interactions, opinions, and actions leading to a future you intentionally or unintentionally engineer.


Life is an Inspiration


To me, life is an inspiration. I’ve been able to draw out inspirations from some of the oddest things and places. I see colors in grey areas. I see possibilities where there are none in existence. This has challenged the narrative every time. My whole view and approach towards life have made me some sort of inspiration to others who find my words comforting as well as positive.


I understand that a lot of people have been through and are still going through so many forms of hardship, pain, suffering, and lots of other sad things. To some people, life hasn’t been a pleasant journey from the start. From being raised by absent parents to lack of basic necessities for good living, to abusive relationships and exploitations by pretentious friends. It has been from one bad experience to another. How would people who’ve gone through scenarios like this or worse get a fresh perspective about life?


Their view about life is always going to be tainted with ugly experiences.


It is true that everyone has got a fair share of life’s heavy blows and it comes in different ways and forms pertaining to the individual. One mustn’t compare his or her own dealings with another for the sake of self-pity.


The Real Enemy


Life can either be a sad story or one with not just a happy ending, but an understandable journey. When you let the ugly part of life control your thoughts, you’ll end up in a very bad place. You must understand that life is not the enemy. The greatest enemy anyone can have is a defective mindset. It’s a deadly disease that needs to be treated with the right set of medicine- a positive mindset.


A positive mindset goes a long way in healing some of our problems. It is the beginning of a new life. And while it’s not easy to keep a steady positive mindset due to the constant attack of the enemy, it is the safest place to be at all times.


A positive mindset does not eradicate reality neither does it have all the solutions you need. What it does is prepare your mind to become its best in a given situation and can provide some of the most reasonable and valuable thoughts that can change your life forever.


The greatest asset anybody can have is a positive mindset. One that is capable of seeing the best in bad situations, seeing colors in grey areas, and seeing possibilities out of the impossible. A positive mindset is a place where forces such as perspective, vision, knowledge, intuition, and better understanding can get better, thereby improving one’s life overall.

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