How To Increase Your Productivity At What You Do


There are two kinds of actions: spontaneous and intentional.


Every now and then, we find ourselves responding to things, people, and situations in a sporadic way depicting that we’re not in control of the situation whatever it is.


The danger of getting stuck in a plethora of spontaneous actions is that it kills your time, reduces your energy, and flattens your resources. At the end of the day, you lose out on the most important aspects and activities of your life because you simply aren’t in control.


On the other hand, when your next action is based on a decision that is designed to propel you forward to achieving your life goals, then you’re sure to have more control over your life, work, and relationships.


Life will not always present you with too many options. There will always be millions of times when you’re required to do something totally unplanned, that’s okay (at least, all other things being equal). The other reality is that you don’t always get to respond without a cause. Intentional actions can be practiced, cultured, and mastered to keep you from being unproductive and disadvantaged.


There’s nothing as rewarding and fulfilling as being productive at set goals all the time. You cook your own meals, finally go on that overdue date, kick-start that business idea, take on the new course. You see, life’s very sweet when you set goals and end up achieving them no matter nature or size.


Then it’s even sweeter when you’re mostly in charge and intentional about your actions.


Seriously, your actions determine your outcome and if you don’t believe it, try covering the flashlight of your phone with your index finger for 1 minute (that thing hurts like hell!)


Let me show you 2 brief ways to master intentional-based actions to becoming more productive:


1. Refuse the urge to be on the defensive


This isn’t easy guys, but it is kind of a big deal. When things happen without your consent or expectations, the first thing to do is to calm down. Never rush into a situation; you could do more damage to it. This is true in relationships. I can’t begin to tell you how many relationships have been ruined because the guy made a very silly move at a very immature timing or the girl, acting on a diverse level of uncontrolled impulses, beat up an innocent girl for snatching her boyfriend. I mean that is so super crazy, right?


When you suddenly hear information that might cost you a great deal, at first, it would be tempting to jump right on it either to save what is at stake or to destroy the cause-the best and recommended thing to do is to spare a little time to process the information. There’s a thing with our brains and how it works, when you allow yourself a little processing time, your brain automatically starts processing possible ways to approach the situation that would help calm the storm or mitigate the risks. At least, you get to be in control of your actions this time and you can conveniently accept responsibility for what comes next.


Remember this, every situation no matter its nature, has an entry point– which can only be seen and clearly understood after a little processing time.


2. Get it right with priorities


It is normally chanted that “we create time for what we love”. There’s no lie in that indeed. It’s hard to stay intentionally focused on a thing for so long in today’s world. There seems to be a lot of activities on our plate that are obviously more than we can take. It gets ugly, messy, and dirty to keep things afloat, including the urge to skip lunch to finish some random task.


It is so unhealthy to keep living like this. I can testify!


The way out is simple but not too easy to follow: drafting out priorities.


Imagine you had to go through a day fulfilling tasks that are unscheduled and totally unplanned. One thing is certain; you’ll probably end up frustrated and wasted without a sense of fulfillment. That’s what happens when you don’t prioritize activities.


You see, the reason why we’ve been taught by experts and coaches on why it’s so important to set priorities is that priorities are an important set of listed activities that require time, energy, and attention to make them work and in turn helps us achieve a measure of control over our lives.


When you go through a day with achieving most of your priority list if not all, you end up feeling so damn great, more like a superhero or a badass- even while greatly spent.


Important activities like spending quality time with family and friends, taking self-development courses, practicing deep meditation, etc, are intentional actions that should find a spot on your priority list.


Any activity or person that doesn’t help pull you towards your life goals must take second place.


Activities take time to complete and time is an expensive and non-replaceable commodity you don’t have and can’t buy.


P.S: I’m not by any means promising you how to live a glitch-free life or how to never make a mistake or even how to gain total control of your life which is literally impossible. But the information you’ve read, if properly applied, can help you gain a measure of control over your life by reducing the amount of time spent on second-place or unhelpful activities and also boost your productivity in both life and work.

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